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Collection: FloorTape.com Carries Reliable 2-Inch Floor Tape

At FloorTape.com, we understand the importance of optimizing productivity and safety throughout your workplace. While this can be done in many ways, utilizing tape to clearly mark workspaces is ideal.

Whether you need to designate areas, maximize space, give instruction, promote traction, or demand attention, we supply variations of 2-inch floor tape that can be of great assistance.

Our 2-Inch Floor Tape Is the Solution You’ve Been Searching For

If you are familiar with other floor marking methods, you likely are aware of some of the problems they present. Whether you use paint or lesser tapes, there are issues that are often associated with them. If you use paint, you are forced to experience downtime while your floor dries. Additionally, you need to take the time to create the designs. And when it comes to other floor tapes of inferior design, there is the likelihood that they will not last under ongoing foot and machine traffic.

When you use our 2-inch floor marking tape, you do not need to worry about any of these issues. Our tape is thick, strong, versatile, and user-friendly. Collectively, these benefits accumulate and lead to fewer replacements and reduced downtime throughout your facility.

Advantages of Choosing Our 2-Inch Floor Marking Tape

Our tape is available in a wide array of colors. From solid to patterned, you are sure to find what is needed for your facility. Additionally, our tape is sold in 100’ rolls, which provides you with plenty of material to get started. Additional benefits of our 2-inch floor tape include:

  • Strength – Our tape is finished with industrial-strength adhesive, making it ideal for even the busiest facilities, and its beveled edges are designed to be traveled across without peeling. Additionally, our 2-inch floor tape features 50 MIL thickness, which means that it is less susceptible to damage caused by ongoing traffic.
  • User-friendliness – Our tape application process was developed with the customer in mind. Simply clean your surface, ensure that it is dry, peel away the tape’s cover to reveal the adhesive backing, and apply your 2-inch floor marking tape to the area. Additionally, removal should be easy and leave behind no residue in the future.
  • Affordability – Since our tape is easy to apply, there is no need to hire an outside individual to complete the job. Plus, our floor tape comes with the longest warranty on the market. This warranty is designed to ensure that your products are performing up to the standard required by your facility.

We Are Prepared to Ship to You

As an authorized dealer of Mighty Line Tape, we are proud to change the way your facility operates. For this reason, we strive to reach the largest number of customers. Our inventory is stocked to avoid the time associated with backorders. 

Plus, our international shipping abilities mean that you never have to worry about the hassles of indirect deliveries. You can expect to receive your order in 3-5 business days to help your facility maintain productivity.

Discover How Our 2-Inch Floor Marking Tape Can Optimize Your Facility Today!

At FloorTape.com, we are your destination for durable floor marking solutions. Whether you are looking for 2-inch floor tape or other options, we are equipped to help.

Be sure to shop our line of 2-inch floor marking tape today and reach out if you are in need of additional information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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