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Workplace safety is of paramount importance because it affects all areas of production: speed, efficiency, organization, and, most prominently, your workforce. Keeping your facility up to code and regulation, and making everything clear for your employees, is vital for a successful business.

To fulfill these needs, FloorTape.com supplies robust and reliable 4-inch floor tape that can be quickly and easily installed in your factory, industrial space, hospital, or other working environment. Our 4-inch floor marking tapes have been chosen by companies in a wide variety of fields to boost safety and efficiency, and we look forward to supplying you with a range of options!

Our 4-Inch Floor Marking Tape

At FloorTape.com, we offer diverse 4-inch floor tapes to ensure that our customer base can get exactly what they need when it comes to adhering to the 5S Color Code standard or matching their company branding.

Our solid-color options include:

Along with these 4-inch floor marking tape options, we also supply a variety of additional tapes for more specialty purposes:

    • Diverse color options available to adhere to the 5S Color Code
    • Beveled edges for increased durability against foot and wheel traffic
    • 50 MIL thickness – as thick as two credit cards and 7x thicker than the average floor tape
    • Easy peel-and-stick application
    • Minimal residue left after future removal
    • The longest warranty in the floor tape market
    • Reliable alternative to painted lines
    • No downtime, unlike with painting
    • Quick shipping

    In addition to these benefits, we’re also proud to supply many other product options for our customers. We can provide items like:

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    If you think floor marking tape could benefit your operations, FloorTape.com has the diverse product line you need. Click out on our products above to place an order, or contact our team today with any questions. We’ll be happy to help!

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