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Customize your floor tape with your own words, images and colors! The customized image you create will be repeated over the length of the floor tape roll.

Our Custom Floor Tape

As a leading producer of 5S floor markings and floor signs, is proud to be a premier custom tape manufacturer. You can now increase productivity and safety in your facility with the strongest custom-made tape on the market while showcasing your brand or personalized message proudly.

A Premier Custom Tape Manufacturer

We are proud to offer a new line of floor marking products. Custom floor tape from allows you to personalize your floor tape by putting you in control of its design from start to finish.

Our custom floor tape comes with the same great benefits as all of our exceptional floor tape products. Our custom-made tape is seven times thicker than average floor tape to withstand the wear and tear of high-traffic areas. The peel-and-stick design of our custom floor marking tape makes for easy application and even easier removal, leaving behind minimal residue.

Customize It with Custom Floor Tape

Welcome to the design team! It’s time to get down to business creating your very own custom-made tape. Custom floor marking tape is available for customization in ten different colors. You can choose from a variety of custom width and style combinations for your custom floor tape including:

Once you’ve chosen your color and width, the customizing doesn’t end! Now you can choose a message, font, icons, logo, or even a personalized photo to add to your new custom floor tape. At, your design is made to last as our custom floor marking tape is specially crafted with quality and durability in mind, able to withstand heavy forklift traffic and brush scrubbing.

If you’re ready to create your own custom floor tape, choose your design, upload your artwork, and leave the rest of the work to us!

Keep Customizing with

You can be sure all your floor markings coordinate by designing custom floor signs to match your custom floor marking tape. Like our custom floor tape, we offer countless customization options for our custom floor signs.

Beyond Custom-Made Tape

At, we want to make sure you have everything you need to mark your facility and increase productivity. In addition to custom floor tape for warehouses we offer a wide variety of floor marking solutions including colored floor tape, 5S markings, floor signs, and floor accessories.

If you’re not quite sure what you need, you can request samples and we will have a sample pack of products out to you in the next five days.

Contact Us Today About Our Custom Floor Tape!

If you’re ready to create your custom floor marking tape, contact us today and our experienced team will help you get started!

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