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When you are looking for ways to increase productivity and safety in your facility, our 6-inch floor tape is the solution. With the beveled edges and 50 MIL thickness of our tapes, you can focus on important issues in your facility and not worry about the durability and longevity of your floor tape. We’ve got you covered!

Reasons to Use 6-Inch Floor Marking Tape

  • Save money – Our 6-inch floor tape makes it easy to quickly apply without needing to bring in an outside party. Additionally, this tape is strong and backed by a warranty, so you don’t need to worry about reinstalling frequently.
  • Reduce downtime – Our floor tape installs quickly, does not require drying time, and is removed from the floor easily. This makes it possible to continue work on the day of application.
  • Build a safe environment – When you use floor tape, you create a clearly defined space for everything. This simple fix can help keep employees out of harm’s way.
  • Achieve efficiency – Make your facility more organized and accomplish an improved workflow with 6-inch floor tape.

Benefits of Mighty Line Tape Products

At FloorTape.com, we are the company that cares about floor marking more than anything. For this reason, we are an authorized dealer of a product that we believe is better than any other option out there. Discover some of the reasons that we love Mighty Line tape, especially the 6-inch floor marking tape:

  • Durability – Our tape is seven times thicker than other tapes on the market, meaning it is strong enough to withstand continuous traffic: both from feet and heavy-duty machinery. Have peace of mind in knowing that your floor tape is staying in place and that your employees are safe.
  • Convenience – When you want to apply our 6-inch floor marking tape, simply clean the area and peel the backing. The time for removal will come, but our tape will not leave behind a sticky residue. Instead, it removes cleanly so that you can retape the area without traces of sticky messes.
  • Reliability – Mighty Line tape is made in the USA, so you can feel good about supporting American products. Additionally, the line of tape products is patented. You will notice that it is unique and will not find anything like it on the market. 

Versatile Styles of Our 6-Inch Floor Tape

From solid-colored and patterned to textured and printed tapes, we have the 6-inch floor tapes needed to optimize your facility.

  • Colored – Mark off any area of your facility to designate spaces for loading, shipping, handling, and more.
  • Patterned – To better indicate where people can walk or even suggest that a hazard might be nearby, try our patterned tapes.
  • Textured – Enhance the safety of your facility when you apply to ramps, floors, and more to make your surfaces less prone to slipping.
  • Printed – Make sure that only authorized individuals enter a space or promote caution with our tape that has instructions directly printed on it.

Start Shopping for 6-Inch Floor Marking Tape Today!

If you are ready to begin optimizing your facility with 6-inch floor marking tape, we would be happy to be your authorized dealer.

Be sure to request samples from FloorTape.com today or contact us with any questions you may have!

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