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Companies utilize floor tape for a lot of diverse purposes: directing traffic, maintaining safety, marking off specialized areas, and keeping their operations organized. Because movement is a major component of any warehouse, manufacturing facility, or other workspace, floor tape arrows can be a welcomed addition that can keep everything going and help fulfill a variety of needs.

At FloorTape.com, among our floor tape products we have a wide range of 5S tape arrows in varied colors to match branding or to adhere to the 5S Color Coding system. Read on to find out more about our floor tape arrows for warehouses. 

5S Tape Arrows

Our floor tape arrows come in packs of 50 and are 10” long by 6” wide at their widest point. These products are offered in the following varieties:

  • White and red chevron tape arrows
  • White and black chevron tape arrows
  • Yellow and black chevron tape arrows
  • Yellow tape arrows
  • White tape arrows
  • Red tape arrows
  • Purple tape arrows
  • Orange tape arrows
  • Green tape arrows
  • Brown tape arrows
  • Black tape arrows
  • Blue tape arrows
  • Gray tape arrows

As stated above, these floor tape arrows are ideal for adhering to the 5S Color Code, the standard for organizing and keeping workspaces safe. In short, the 5S Color Code has the following designations:

  • Yellow – For traffic lanes, aisles, work cells, vehicle pathways, and emergency exits
  • Blue, Black, and Green – For materials or notices, including raw materials, work-in-progress areas, and finished work
  • Orange – For inspection areas
  • Red – For warning areas, often used with defects, scrap, rework and more
  • White – For spaces determined by the facility, which can include display stands, racks, resting areas, and more
  • Red and White – For areas that need to remain clear for safety purposes, such as safety showers, eyewash stations, first aid cabinets, and more
  • Black and White – For operational necessities, often including machinery and heavy traffic spaces
  • Black and Yellow – For physical and health hazard areas, including spaces with combustive or flammable materials, chemicals, or other dangerous items

As you can see, with the diverse color options we supply in our floor tape arrows for warehouses, you’ll be able to direct traffic to, from, and within these key areas, promoting safety, efficiency, and productivity.

Along with our standard floor tape arrows, we also supply: 

  • One-way arrow floor signs
  • Directional arrow floor signs
  • Up and down arrow floor signs
  • Yellow arrow pop-out tape
  • White arrow pop-out tape
  • Red arrow pop-out tape
  • Purple arrow pop-out tape
  • Orange arrow pop-out tape
  • Green arrow pop-out tape
  • Gray arrow pop-out tape
  • Brown arrow pop-out tape
  • Blur arrow pop-out tape
  • Black arrow pop-out tape

Our tapes feature true durability complete with beveled edges to ensure they can withstand wheel and foot traffic. Plus, the simple peel-and-stick design means that applying the tape is simple as can be. Just clean the surface area and firmly place down the tape. 

And when it’s time to remove or replace our tape arrows in the future, they won’t leave behind any messy residue.

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