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  • Mighty Line YELLOW Frigid Freezer Floor Tape - 100’ Roll
    Mighty Line YELLOW Frigid Freezer Floor Tape - 100'  Roll
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When it comes to your facility, you need reliable equipment that will last the test of time. Many areas of your workplace can require clear markings to guide workers and regulate safety, and cold storage environments are no different.

If you have cold storage areas, industrial freezers, or other low-temperature spaces that experience frequent or infrequent traffic, industrial freezer tape can be the right solution for you. Read on to learn all about our freezer floor tape below.

Our Industrial Freezer Floor Tape

We have two options when it comes to cold storage environment tape, as we supply both 50 mm tape and 100 mm tape.

Our freezer floor tape is offered in bright yellow to aid in visibility and to denote areas of caution. And with their rolls of 30 meters, you’ll have plenty to work with when it comes to any low-temperature areas.

Some additional aspects of our industrial freezer floor tape include:

  • A two-year limited warranty
  • Peal-and-stick design for easy application
  • Beveled edges to allow for wheel and foot traffic
  • Able to be applied at -20 degrees Fahrenheit
  • A durable design that facilitates adherence at frigid temperatures

For application, be sure to keep your freezer tape stored at room temperature before application and when not in use. Prior to applying the tape, you will want to use denatured alcohol on the floor or any other surface you will be applying to so you can ensure the area is clean and prepared. Once that’s completed, you’re ready to peel and apply!

So if you’ve been searching for something that works in frigid temperatures and have been having trouble securing a quality product, our industrial freezer floor tape is the solution you need.

Beyond Industrial Freezer Tape

Along with all we can provide when it comes to freezer tape, we can also supply your facility with a range of other essential products. Some of our offerings include:

  • Diverse floor tapes – Options include solid, striped, glowing, diagonal, reflective, printed, clear, brick, and arrows
  • 5S markings – Options include angles, half angles, T’s, dots, segments, footprints, arrows, and letters and numbers
  • Floor signs – Options include stop signs, traffic signs, social distancing signs, machinery signs, safety signs, instruction signs, and more
  • Accessories – Options include label protectors, tape applicators, absorbent mats, and all-purpose cleaners
  • Custom products – Options include customization for floor tape and floor signs

As you can see, with everything that can provide when it comes to floor tapes and floor signs, we’re truly your one-stop shop for any marking and safety needs in your facility. If you have questions about our cold storage environment tape or any of our other products, be sure to reach out to our team because we’ll be happy to help.

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