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Hello to you current floor paint user. We are so happy you found our site. We have been converting users from floor paint to floor tape for over 15 years now. 

We know the floor painting process is tedious and time consuming. You may be in an environment that requires you to paint three to six times a year. You have to find time in the production schedule for floor maintenance. You need to hire expensive painters to continually touch up your floor painted lines. 

Mighty Line will alleviate these problems for you. Mighty Line has a warranty to stay down on the floor for 3 years. There is no dry time or cure time. 

Also, forklift traffic can easily travel over our tape without damaging your investment because of the beveled edge in our Mighty Line floor tape. 

Using the Mighty Liner floor tape applicator, you do not need to hire outside consultants. 

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Mighty Line Floor Tape is better than floor paint

 Mighty Line Floor Tape is better than Floor Paint


Mighty Line Floor Tape is better than Floor Paint


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